Worship Services & Revivals

The goal of Prophecy Simplified is to help churches connect prophecy to everyday life. So whatever accommodates the local church is the best plan. Jake is available to be scheduled to preach in select Sunday morning worship services and is available for almost every Sunday night or Wednesday night worship service. The nature of prophecy lends itself to multiple sessions. Jake's prophecy messages make for powerful revival services with the possibility of prophecy classes during the lunch hour or whatever works best for the local church.


Seminars & Conferences

Jake is available to provide single session or multiple session seminars on various topics in prophecy. He is also available to speak in prophecy conferences. Jake's preaching fills a unique slot in prophecy conferences as with most speakers focus on the geopolitical aspect of the end of the age, he focuses on the spiritual aspects. Jake also is known to be biblically focused and provides sound instruction on the end-times.


Other Creative Ideas

Prophecy Simplified is open to considering creative events and venues to further help churches bridge prophecy to their every day life. One effective event we have been doing is "Coffee and Prophecy". Often when Jake preaches at a church in morning and evening services the evening service is held in a venue with tables. The congregation enjoys a relaxed atmosphere as they enjoy coffee and snacks while Jake speaks and fields questions concerning prophecy.