How close are we to the end?   What role does Islam play in the end-times?

Where is the United States in prophecy?   What are the most relevant prophecies for us today?

"I will go ahead and say it — I am the boring prophecy speaker. I want to do away with the sensationalism and assumptions, and focus on the core prophecy information from Scripture that we can know for certain. That we can take to the bank. That is enough." Jake

Biblical prophecy can seem confusing, complicated, overwhelming, and even frightening but it doesn't have to be.  It was meant to be understood and to impact every day life.  Prophecy Simplified seeks to help local churches bridge the gap by making biblical prophecy simple and real. Prophecy is made simple and real through created resources,  recommended existing resources, and the preaching ministry of Jake McCandless. Jake is available for worship services, revivals, seminars, conferences, and other creative venues.    

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Jake McCandless is an author and former pastor who serves as the executive director and lead speaker for Prophecy Simplified. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from Central Baptist College (2004) and an Advanced Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2009). Much of his theological training has been in the field of eschatology. He has received numerous academic awards and recognitions in ministry, such as the Zondervan National Greek Award and the prestigious Yousef Costa Excellence in Preaching Award from Central Baptist College. He has spent the past eleven years as lead pastor of Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, AR, and just recently made the difficult decision to step away from the pastorate to lead Prophecy Simplified.  He spent seven years as a youth evangelist with Sold Out Ministries and has been involved on staff in churches since 1998. Jake is an award winning author. His latest book will be released April 2017 by WND Books. He also writes for several publications such as the Baptist Press, Almost an Author, and Inspire a Fire. Jake is married to Amanda. She’s an elementary school teacher, but currently stays home with their two daughters, Andrea (2011) and Addison (2013). Jake enjoys time with family, ministry, hunting, fishing, coffee, writing, and college football.